Gear | December 5, 2016 9:00 am

When the World Ends, This Is What You’ll Be Wearing

KUIU makes outdoor gear perfect for extreme adventures

When the inevitable apocalypse hits in 2017 (we’re thinking some sort of “Franken-bear” scenario; zombies were so 2016), you need to be seriously prepared.

And KUIU is in the business of serious preparedness.

KUIU (“koo-you”) makes outdoor gear that’s modular, extremely lightweight (in a patented, no-one-else-does-this kind of way) and allows you to survive for days in any extreme scenario.

The company was started by former pro football player Jason Hairston. “I grew up with a dad who was a hunter,” says Hairston, who began his post-NFL career with a technical apparel company called Sitka, which he later sold to Gore-Tex. “But I realized when I went out on my own I was buying everything from REI or sporting goods stores that didn’t necessarily have what I needed.”

So KUIU, his newer venture, was “designed for big, remote expeditions to places like the Yukon … where, if your gear fails, it’ll cost you your life.”

Hairston makes his high-tech gear durable, breathable, water-resistant and, most importantly, light. Think a three-pound modular pack system that can comfortably help you carry 150 pounds.

All while not being crazy expensive.

Overall, it’s helped KUIU earn quite a reputation, from Bloomberg calling them “Lululemon for hunters” and Navy SEALs requesting a custom line.

We got to look over KUIU’s stuff during a series of visits from Hairston. A few new items we dug:

TAKU: An extremely lightweight carrier for your heavy-duty gear. Water-resistant, TPU-coated gear bags with removable shoulder straps and handles on all sides, so carry it how you want. And strong: nothing’s gonna puncture these. Comes in 2,000-, 3,000- and 9,000-cubic-inch configurations.

Super Down Jacket: Just 9 oz., this nano-teched Polish Goose down is water repellent, breathable and easily bundles up into your pack. We dig the “Verde Camo” version, which feels like camo meets Minecraft.

Ultra 6000: The largest in a series of modular packs. Pair it with a KUIU’s patented molded carbon-fiber frame that “weighs less than a soda can” (11 oz.)  and you can last 10 days in the wild … and comfortably carry over 100 lbs.

Plus, a line of quick-drying merino half-zips and crews for layering, some toasty Super Down sleeping bags and a pack load hauler, “designed to carry animal quarters, boned-out meat and gear.”

The apocalypse can get messy.