Gear | November 3, 2017 9:00 am

If a Messenger and a Backpack Had a Baby …

Like to travel light? So does this convertible commuter bag.

Do a quick search for backpacks on our site and you’ll see something on the order of 200 stories. And for every pack we’ve featured, there are likely five we passed on.

Why so many backpacks?

Because in these hyper-segmented days, everyone has different needs. If yours skew toward minimalism and a variety of commuting situations that don’t involve driving a car, check out Code of Bell.

code of bell (4 images)

Their new concept combines a messenger bag with a backpack. It’s small enough that if you’re biking you can still see over your shoulder, and it won’t budge when you do so. Discrete compartments for electronics keep all your personal effects organized, and the pockets on the strap allow easy access to your phone and a subway card, keeping you from fishing through your pockets or taking off the bag.

You can put your gym clothes or heavier layers in the rolltop compartment, and the straps can be tucked away for max compaction. It’s also water- and weather-resistant (naturally), with ballistic nylon, ripstop stitching and Y2K zippers.

Overall, you’re looking at the perfect companion for anyone who likes to travel lightly and efficiently.

The Kickstarter launched today, and they’re offering some aggressive deals.