Gear | October 25, 2016 9:00 am

We Didn’t Think Coolers Needed Speakers. We Were Wrong.

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No matter how cool music at a party is, if the drinks aren’t served that way, it’s destined to fail.

That’s why having a device that can blast your favorite jams at high volume while keeping  up to 72 beers as cool as the other side of pillow is a matter of the utmost importance.

The first-of-its-kind ICE (In-Cooler Entertainment System) from Alpine is one such device.

We didn’t think coolers needed speakers. We have been proven wrong. 

Using a 56-quart capacity Grizzly Cooler as a base, Alpine outfitted the ICE with a high-powered amplifier that powers dynamic component speakers in a custom cabinet that was strategically designed to distribute air into unused areas of the high-tech ice chest.

Controllable from a distance of 30 feet via a Bluetooth connection, the ICE can be powered by a car battery or any 12-volt external battery or generator (like the Yeti 400) that puts out 15 amps.

Sure, the ICE’s $1,500 price is steep, but why spoil a good time by worrying about money? Besides, it’s basically guaranteed to be the last speaker-icebox you bring home.

To ensure a lifetime of successful backyard get-togethers, pool parties and tailgates — no matter who shows up, (yes, even an Eagles fan) —  find a local retailer or look for Alpine online.