The Most Iconic Beers From the Southwest
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There’s nothing like a cold brew in the desert sun—especially when you’re sipping the best in the southwest. We’ve compiled the most iconic beer from these scorching states, so you can crack open the perfect local can the next time you’re passing through.



Anchor Steam, California Common, 4.9%, San Francisco

California has more breweries than any other state, which makes this a tough call. But Anchor Steam’s history stretches back to the late 1800s, when the gold rush was in full bloom and refrigeration on the West Coast was still a luxury. This California Common is brewed with a specific strain of lager yeast that thrives in warmer temperatures. The pale and caramel malts combined with gentle carbonation make this the perfect beer to sip the next time you’re in San Francisco on business.

(Anchor Steam)
(Anchor Steam)




Joseph James Hop Box, Imperial IPA, 9.3%, Henderson

When you think Vegas, you probably don’t think craft beer. But this relatively young imperial IPA has an inviting grapefruit nose and a hop bite that’ll satisfy any IPA lover. This isn’t just for tame trips to Sin City.



Uinta Cutthroat Pale Ale, Pale Ale, 4%, Salt Lake City

Brewed with caramel malts and piney American hops, this beer is only available in Utah. The low alcohol content means you can have a few—and then a few more—without worrying about the morning after.

(United Brewing COmpany)
(United Brewing Company)




Four Peaks Hop Knot, IPA, 6.7%, Tempe

Equal parts hoppy and fresh, if the light grass aroma doesn’t entice you, the fresh scent of pine tree will. With gentle bitterness and a toasted malt bed, Hop Knot pairs perfectly with spicy dishes and sharp cheeses.




Coors Banquet, Pale Lager, 5%, Golden

Need we say more? First brewed in 1873, this classic American brew was around long before the craft craze swept through Colorado. It survived prohibition, a series of unfortunate and untimely deaths of its owners, and your college graduation party. Indisputably an all-time classic.




New Mexico

Santa Fe Happy Camper, IPA, 6.6%, Santa Fe

Ruby red and full of bold, spicy hops, Happy Camper became the first beer ever canned in the state in 2010. Keep things hot with green chile enchiladas or flavorful grilled meats while working on a pint of this.


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