Food & Drink | November 25, 2016 9:00 am

A Caveman-Easy Bread Oven Will Improve Your Prospects in Dating, Hosting, Life

We'll be inviting ourselves over. Finder's fee.

Many men will at some point slice up a ciabatta, stick a knife in a lump of chèvre, toss some olives in a dish, and think they’ve reinvented the third date.

But if you really want to make yourself a keeper, you want your special ladyfriend to see that loaf come out of the oven. Your oven.

Thankfully, there’s this piece of cast-iron perfection.

Designed to fit snugly inside most conventional ovens, the Fourneau Bread Oven lets even inexperienced bakers create artisan-quality bread in their own homes.

Simple yet effective, the Fourneau’s walls heat dough evenly and the cast-iron device traps steam inside to give rolls, baguettes or even pizzas a perfect crust every time.

Made in the USA by Strand Design and built to last, the 28-pound Fourneau comes with a peel made from maple for safely removing items from the oven as well as a detailed recipe guide.

Priced at $225, Fourneau orders before New Year’s Eve include free shipping, so we’d suggest going against the grain with a bread-related resolution — whether your oven is working or not.