Nomad Rooftop

When entering a new marketplace, it pays to have the first-mover advantage. Unless we’re talking about the Facebook IPO, in which case everyone got Zucked.

Introducing an opportunity where anyone can be the first-mover, if they act quickly enough: the NoMad Hotel Rooftop, selling limited tickets (yes, tickets) to its evening seatings, starting … now.

[callout] … white marble tables on the NoMad Hotel’s rooftop [/callout]

The latest/greatest dining experience from NoMad Hotel‘s haute hipsters, and cheffed by Eleven Madison Park’s Daniel Humm, the Rooftop is set with white marble tables amid lush greenery, complete with a dramatic view of the Empire State Building.

Most intriguing of all is the reservation policy: each morning at 11am sharp, prospective diners will be able to purchase a “ticket” for that evening’s service. The five-course tasting menu is $125, and reservations are strictly same-day.

Humm’s menu will change daily, featuring locally-sourced and seasonal fare. Beverage pairings are available for an additional $75, including signature cocktails like the “Morning Glory Fizz,” made with scotch, absinthe, lemon, and egg whites.

For larger groups, the roof’s bronze cupola contains a private dining room that accommodates 8-10 around a vintage mahogany table.

So you can enjoy a repast in private with your friends or loved ones, and everyone else can go Zuck themselves.