Culture | December 25, 2014 9:00 am

Merry Christmas, Here’s a Lady

Feliz! Here's a Q&A with a real-live NYC lady

By The Editors

Meet Sarah Roa, DJ and founder of Covet Cult.

Instagram: @djlolalangusta

Hometown: Tampa, FL

And now you live in: Bicoastal, between the LES and Hollywood.

Favorite thing to do in NYC? I’m a sucker for picnics in the park, museums. I DJ so that’s my going out, but I do love Paul’s Baby Grand for dancing. Sweetwater in Williamsburg will always be my favorite place to eat. 

Last good movie you saw? Fellini’s  

One thing nobody knows about you? They don’t know for a reason 😉

If you could meet any historical figure, it would be: President Kennedy

What are you wearing? Justice Bodan Fragrance

(Ed note: Best possible answer.)

Dream job? I’m doing it now, working for myself creating Covet Cult.

You love it when a man…? Really appreciates his woman.

You love it when a woman…? Builds up her fellow ladies.

What’s your worst personal habit? I fidget like crazy, can’t sit still.

Biggie or Pac? Pac. He had a lot of passion and stood for something bigger then just the rap game.

Tarantino or Scorsese? Tarantino

Favorite Muppet? Snuffleupagus. I know he’s not technically a Muppet but Jim Henson created him so whatever.

What’s your motto? “What you do for yourself dies with you, what you do for others lives immortal.” – Albert Pine

Sarah Roa is a DJ About Town and co-founder of Covet Cult, a socially-conscious online marketplace where you should be buying gifts for the lady in your life. She’s also exceedingly nice and will totally buy you a drink at the bar, when it should definitely be the other way around.