Culture | January 13, 2017 9:00 am

Date Night: Film Feast

Dinner and a movie. In the same room. With drink pairings.

Before Netflix and Chill, there was Dinner and a Movie.

It had grace. Tact. That je ne sais quoi that separates a grown-ass man from a loutish frat boy feverishly texting every girl in his contact list “Hey, u up?”

So let’s make a pact for 2017: More Dinner and a Movie. Less Netflix and Chill.

And where better to start than a theater that serves drink-paired five-course suppers in the screening room?

It’s not Carnegie Hall, but it’s still a date. Stay warm. Look cool. Wear this navy ribbed cardigan by Jachs New York. Pair with Lavati Court-Tops and your favorite pair of blue jeans.

There’s dinner and a movie, and then there’s killing two birds with one stone. Like so. Welcome to Nitehawk’s Film Feast series. Once a month, the snacks-meets-cinema house shows one film complete with a five-course meal catered to said film. Upcoming: Coming to America. You, her and Eddie Murphy finding his queen. Plus, each course comes with a custom cocktail, and you’re invited to the after party downstairs post-screening.

Should you make it this close to the finish line, the perfect spot to wind ‘er down is Bar Velo. The iconic Moto Cafe retained a couple of key elements with its recent restoration, including the savvy cocktails and imminent charm.