Culture | January 13, 2017 9:00 am

Looking for a Road Bike That’s Smarter Than You Are?

This bike weighs two pounds. And it has a computer.

Maybe you like to keep things casual on your bike. 

Or maybe you want a hyper-efficient machine purpose-built with bleeding-edge technology that’ll make you the leanest, meanest cyclist around. 

If you identify as the latter, meet the SpeedX Unicorn, now available for your Kickstarting pleasure. 

Let’s talk about a few of the specs.

First, the on-board computer: aka SpeedForce. They say it’s the first Android bike computer, with 20 hours of battery life and a screen engineered to be visible even in bright sunlight. Every metric you’re looking for, it’s got you covered (cadence/speed/heart rate/altitude/etc./etc.). It also measures your force with an integrated power meter. 

Next, weight: 870 grams of “the finest carbon composites in the world” (hyperbole theirs). That’s under two pounds. You could hypothetically play catch with this thing.

Bump elimination? Try a “Vibration Control System” that incorporates a shock-dampening frame, a flex-happy seat and a seat tube capable of three degrees of flex to smooth your ride. Finish? We prefer black matte. Guarantee? Lifetime.

Then, maybe you prefer less efficiency and less fun.

We aren’t gonna tell you how to live your life.