Brooklyn Brewery Mash

Chicago deep dish vs. New York-style pizza. A feud that will never die.

But if there’s one thing both cities can agree on, it’s beer.

So let’s all extend a warm welcome to the Brooklyn Brewery Mash, the weeklong craft brew and culture fest, setting its flag in Chicago on April 26th.

In a nutshell: Brooklyn Brewery comes to town. They hook up with local chefs. They dial into the local music and comedy scenes. And they bring lots of beer.

The Mash has got something for everyone, from home-brewing classes to jokes from fresh-faced Chi comics. Other highlights from the week:

The week ends at the Beat Kitchen with tunes from Delicate Steve and Chi psych-pop outfit Outer Minds, while you nosh on tacos from La Adelita food truck.

Food truck tacos. Another thing we can all agree on.

Photos courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery