Fun fact: Chicago was — and still is — the pinball manufacturing capital of the world.

But we’re not here to bore you with the histories of Baffle Ball and Spot Bowler and the bastard son that was Pinball 2000 (there’s a doc for that).

We’re here to talk finessing plungers, mashing flippers and tilting boxes. And where: Logan Arcade, the old-school tavern housing the city’s deepest roster of pinball machines, now collecting quarters in Logan Square.

This is where you relive the golden age of Tommy’s favorite sport in a comfortable neighborhood air, frosty pint of Lagunitas or whiskey neat in hand.

They’ve got 25 salvaged machines spanning three rooms, so expect sights and sounds from bygone pop-culture favs like Star Wars, Terminator 2 and Star Trek, along with stone-cold classics like Flight 2000 and a once-racy, circa ‘63 Slick Chick.

And with over 40 classic video game titles, expect a few trips to the change machine, too.

Stack those quarters high.

Because if history is any indication, you may be here awhile.

Nota bene: Serious about pinball? Consider Logan Arcade your practice ground for Pinball Chicago, the city’s newest pinball league commencing at the end of March. Get to flippin’.