The house the Dragon Woman built
By The Editors / May 20, 2015 9:00 am

It opened on August 5th, 1925. Jack Dempsey and Rudolph Valentino were in attendance.

Later, it became the home of boxing in L.A.; still later, its shrine to punk rock.

Raging Bull, Rocky and Million Dollar Baby were filmed there.

It was The Grand Olympic, and now there’s a documentary being made in its honor — a documentary that you can help become a reality.

“A great fan’s venue,” says announcer Dick Enberg, describing how the compact nature and towering balconies made it ideal for fights.

And an Old Boys’ Club — though it was run by a lady:

Aileen Eaton, aka the Dragon Woman, who once escorted Mickey Cohen out by his arm.

The Olympic Auditorium Documentary is part of a larger project that includes an exhibition on Theo Ehret, the venue’s principal photographer during its history.

His work, which features everyone from Muhammad Ali to Andre the Giant, is featured in the doc and for sale at Ron Robinson.

Donate enough to the project and you could score one.

A city is nothing without its story.

Let’s help preserve that.

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