Arts & Entertainment | July 18, 2016 9:00 am

100 Women Pose Nude to Protest the Republican Convention

A work of political art seizes the campaign limelight

The best way to get attention during the RNC?

Take off your clothes.

On Sunday, with the Republican National Convention set to begin, 100 women posed nude, dropping trou right out in the open in front of God and everyone as a form of protest masterminded by photographer Spencer Tunick. By the way, this is protected speech: The artist, who has been persuading people to doff their clothes in public for decades now, even won a Supreme Court case about it.

Tunick referred to his models, who held large mirror discs over their faces, as “women art warriors.”

“By holding mirrors, we hope to suggest that women are a reflection and embodiment of nature, the sun, the sky and the land,” he wrote on his website. “We want to express the belief that we will rely upon the strength, intuition and wisdom of progressive and enlightened women to find our place in nature and to regain the balance within it. The mirrors communicate that we are a reflection of ourselves, each other, and of the world that surrounds us. The woman becomes the future and the future becomes the woman.”

Sure, dude.

Tunick told Vice his exhibit, “Everything She Says Means Everything,” had been planned since 2013, and had initially been designed as a protest against the defunding of Planned Parenthood. He also noted that, besides the Secret Service hovering in helicopters, law enforcement was “chill.”

According to Tunick, 1,800 women applied for the 100 spots in the exhibit. The location was kept secret until just before the shoot commenced out of concern for the models’ safety.

If you want to hear the reasons the women posed, go here. Otherwise just enjoy the view and spend a moment in quiet contemplation of the sun, the sky and the land.