Arts & Entertainment | June 26, 2014 9:00 am

Screen Grab

By The Editors

They say Jaws birthed the summer blockbuster.

That was 1975.

By that count, it’s been almost 40 years of big hype, bigger budgets and (a few) memorable blockbusters.

So, feeling nostalgic — and cringing at The Fault in Our Stars — we took stock.

And today, we present for your argumentative pleasure: An Ode to 1989, The Best Summer of Film.

There was competition, sure.

1982: Poltergeist, Star Trek II, Tron, Blade Runner and E.T. But only three of those hold up.

1984: Ghostbusters and the PG-13 nirvana of Gremlins and Temple of Doom. Fun? Sure. But it lacked a broader scope.

So yes to 1989: where 25 years ago Jack Nicholson cavorted in facepaint, winged superheroes lurked in pathos and Kim Basinger stirred the loins (Batman). Where a vibrant meditation on race turned into a national conversation (Do the Right Thing). Where men enjoyed rom-coms (When Harry Met Sally).

And where the failures were at least interesting. The Abyss wasn’t perfect, but it was just as ambitious — and much smarter — than the unobtanium journey of Avatar.

So here’s to 1989.

Because even we’ve got room for Road House.

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