Arts & Entertainment | October 20, 2017 9:00 am

365 Days of Polaroid Nudes, Coming to a Nightstand Near You

Best page-a-day calendar ever?

Maybe it’s a good time to think about next year.

You know: When we actually have something to look forward to. Every day.

Now in its seventh edition, Photodarium (from the publisher seltmann+söhne) is a tear-off calendar that presents a new instant photo every day. “Just like the one our grandma used to hang in the kitchen,” as they say.

On the back of each picture? A short description of the location, photographer and the type of film used.

And on the front? For just the second time, Photodarium is offering a Private edition of their calendar that features 365 NSFW (seriously, don’t use this in your office) Polaroids.

Some cheeky. Some erotic. Some esoteric.

Photodarium (2 images)

It’s a lot of beautiful women — and the occasional beautiful man — in all their birthday-suited glory. (There’s also a non-nude version, which offers more, PG-ish thrills in the artistic sense.)

Photodarium is now available for about $42.

Want to make your new year really interesting? They’re looking for entries for the 2019 edition.