Arts & Entertainment | July 13, 2016 9:00 am

So Uh, Playing “Knockerball” With Angry Bulls Is Now a Thing

Next stop, the Darwin Awards

Three things that are true about July:

It’s hot, there’s typically a dearth of new TV shows and it’s the dullest part of the American sports calendar.

This can make the average gent a bit restless.

Some are amusing themselves with K2. Others, by playing Pokemon Go (perhaps you’ve heard of it). And there are some folks up in Minnesota who’ve opted to entertain themselves by putting on giant rubber bubbles and attempting to play soccer with angry, live, sharp-horned bulls.

Usually used for playing a human version of bumper cars, Knockerballs (aka Zorbs) have been appropriated by the backers of the Waconia Rodeo for a game they’re calling Bubble/Bull Soccer.

Basically, the game consists of four people kicking a giant soccer ball around for a few seconds inside a bullring before the bull charges at — and wallops the hell out of — one of them. The only rule is that players must remain in their Knockerballs and not use their hands (it’s soccer, remember?).

While the game looks pretty savage, all the players made it off the field without assistance, unlike that Ronaldo guy.