Arts & Entertainment | August 2, 2016 9:00 am

Want the Joker’s Suicide Squad Car? It’s Way Cheaper Than You Think.

Turns out evil geniuses are way thriftier than the good guys

While it’ll only cost you around $15 to see Suicide Squad this weekend, given the reviews, you may want to put that cash to better use.

Like, say, the custom purple sports car the Joker drives in the film.

To get one, you don’t have to wait for an auction or befriend Jared Leto — you just need an Infiniti G35 and $11,000.

Unlike the one-offs used in many superhero films, Joker’s car is a version of a readily available custom build called the Vaydor that was designed by Florida gearhead Matt McEntegart.

McEntegart’s conversion is essentially a custom fiberglass body mounted to the stock chassis of a 10-year-old Infiniti G35 coupe, complete with original features like power windows and AC.

The body used in the build kit — which requires no cutting of wiring or modification of major mechanical parts — was dreamed up by McEntegart even though he’s far from a design expert.

“I can’t draw,” he told Core 77. “I have no design experience, so I just shaped it out of foam.”

Considering the car is the best-looking thing in the film not named Margot or Cara, we’d say that’s a foam-shaping job well done.