Arts & Entertainment | August 1, 2017 9:00 am

Culture Hound

The best movies, TV, music and books for August

By The Editors

Welcome to Culture Hound, InsideHook’s deep dive into the month’s most important (pop) cultural happenings.

WATCH: Logan Lucky
Welcome the unretirement of Steven Soderbergh with this Channing Tatum-led heist flick with a NASCAR bent — or, a “hillbilly take on Ocean’s 11,” as one scribe put it. Who cares if the screenwriter may not exist? (Aug. 18)

BINGE: Comrade Detective
In this extremely meta bit of Cold War nostalgia, Tatum (again!), along with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Nick Offerman, dub over a fake 1983 Romanian police drama that celebrated Communist ideals. (Aug. 4 on Amazon Prime)

Speaking of meta, James Van Der Beek mocks the real-life superstar DJ Diplo in the promising mockumentary series What Would Diplo Do? (Aug. 3 on VICELAND)

This isn’t your grandpappy’s Oktoberfest. This one-day event features eight great bands — including the forever-cool Guided by Voices — and your fill of unlimited suds from 40 participating breweries. Tickets are on sale now. Bring your ID; leave the lederhosen. (09/09)

READ: Mrs. Fletcher
The Leftovers author Tom Perrotta pivots from The Rapture to (no joke) MILF porn in his latest book, which is more a satire on cultural identity, age and sexuality — but does really center around one middle-aged woman’s discovery of a site called MILFateria. (Aug. 1)

VIEW: The Magnum Manifesto
This look back at 70 years of snaps from the renowned Magnum agency features often gritty and always iconic shots from 75 masters. (through 9/7)

RELISH: Herbie Hancock Live
An influence on the American jazz scene if there ever was one, this is your chance to see the man in action at the Beacon Theater. (8/7)

VIEW: The Art of Spider-Man
Whether you’re a kid or a big kid, the heroics of Spider-Man enthrall us all. And if you’re tired of seeing which unknown 16-year-old will star will portray him next, take it back to the roots and check out an exhibition of comic depictions by significant artists. (through 8/26)

LISTEN: Our monthly Spotify playlist
Our 30-song playlist of great new music for the end of summer, including new songs by Cut Copy, Arcade Fire, The War on Drugs, Gogol Bordello, Action Bronson and a ton of new artists.

DRINK: Statesman Bourbon
Out today, Statesman is a special bourbon from Old Forester that’s actually a big part of the upcoming film Kingsman: The Golden Circle (wherein an American spy organization operates as a distillery as a front). We tested it out earlier this summer, and at 95 proof, it packs real heat and a lot of character. Along with Mr. Porter’s upcoming Kingsman wardrobe, this is the rare blockbuster series that lends itself well to … well, not cosplay, but let’s say enhanced adult dalliances.

PERUSE: Heidi Klum by Rankin
Celebrity photog Rankin creates a nude portfolio of the international supermodel and TV personality, because we should all celebrate looking this good at 43. (Sept. 1)

BUY: Eric Nado’s Typewriter Guns
The Montreal artist reassembles old typewriters into works of deadly art … like, say, a vintage Remington fashioned into a rifle.

AND DON’T FORGET: We’re a bit worried about The Dark Tower, but Idris Elba hasn’t let us down yet (Aug. 4) … Aubrey Plaza chases down a social-media star in the promising, of-the-moment satire Ingrid Goes West (Aug. 11) … Horror auteur Adam Wingard (You’re Next) tackles the Japanese manga Death Note, in which a teenager figures out he can kill anyone by writing their name in a mystical notebook (Aug. 25, Netflix) … It’s Keanu Reeves, Traci Lords and two wacky Euro detectives squaring off in the decidedly odd new series Swedish Dicks (Aug. 2) … … Another year, another Madden NFL video game (Aug. 25) … Finally, the welcome return of Hard Knocks (Aug. 8), Broad City (Aug. 23) and The Tick (Aug. 25)