Arts & Entertainment | September 26, 2016 9:00 am

We Can’t *Guarantee* This’ll Get You a Second Date

Rock ‘n’ roll art, Japanese grub and a swanky new club

Best piece of dating advice I’ll ever give you: Keep it street.

Meaning: stay true to the matter at hand. You want the focus to be on getting to know one another — no need to muddy it up with too much razzle dazzle.

And for that, we’ve got the perfect blueprint, from an understated but flattering fall outfit to a rock ‘n’ roll-themed art gallery to an upscale new club where anyone who’s anyone will be dancing the night away.

Step One: Dress the Part
When in doubt, wear black. A murdered-out getup will take a gent most anywhere after sunset. Plus, this is N.Y., and it’s just how we do things until we find a darker color. Start with Mott & Bow straight leg jeans. Pair with the Dr. Denim Patrick dotted black tee and Bruno Magli Angelo dress sneakers. And finish the job with the Alex Mill slim fit brushed cotton blazer

Step Two: Face The Music
A project to likes of which we’ve never seen and worthy of a jump-off date destination. Beginning Opening September 30th, Soho’s Morrison Hotel Gallery will open Face The Music, an exhibition from photographer Richard Ehrlich featuring portraits of iconic artists to the likes of RZA, Ringo Starr, Joe Walsh, Lars Ulrich and more listening to their favorite music. And coupled with the imagery are listening stations with songs selected by each artist. It’s joyful, intense and historic, a must-see for anyone who’s ever karaoke’d in the shower or riffed on an air guitar.

Step Three: The Wine and Dine
From the party responsible for bringing us Beautique, upscale Japanese eatery Megu is back. The 5,000-square-foot space located in the Dream Downtown has ushered in Chef Frances Tariga-Weshnak, previously of CATCH and Top Chef, to helm the line. Her menu has all the expected buzzwords, like Wagyu and Foie Gras Croquettes with Truffle Aioli and Micro Wasabi and Okinawa Sweet Potato Ravioli with Kombu Foam. Posh and subterranean, it’s new, it’s chic and while you might leave lighter in the wallet, it’ll certainly win you brownie points.

Step Four: Dance It Off
Is NoMad having a renaissance moment? If the new, elevated nightclub Squares is any indicator — definitely. The brainchild of Quality Meats, Quality Italian and Quality Eats’s Michael Stillman, the space is design-minded and dynamic. With enough cheeky irreverence that it feels comfortable, Squares is destined to be the magnetic go-to for all party revelers. Hari Kalyan, Operating Partner, has curated an all-star entertainment lineup, with musical mavens like Cole Ramstad and Bob Moses and veteran DJs like Kieren Taylor, Mike Nouveau and Nick Cohen on the schedule. If you can get in, you’ll never want to leave.