Advice | October 21, 2016 9:00 am

This Study Claims to Have Nailed Down the Most Promiscuous Industries

Surprisingly, 'advertising' isn't on the list

Seems like there are basically two schools of thought about cheating among our married friends:

A: Don’t do it. Ever. 

B: Life is short, and why should a private physical experience have anything to do with the decades-long business and personal relationship that is a marriage? 

You know where you stand. 

Now, a new survey suggests that certain professions make you more likely to cheat

Whether it’s because finance attracts dudes with slippery morals … we can’t say. 

It’s worth pointing out, though, that the survey (which we’re sure was done to the highest standards of scientific study) was conducted by Victoria Milan, a dating website for the attached with the tagline “Relive the Passion — Find Your Affair.” So it’s, uh, not like they’re biased or anything. 

Anyway, according to them, the scoundrels are most likely to come from the fields of banking, aviation, healthcare, business, and sports, followed by arts, “nightlife industry,” communication and legal. 

But we’re calling BS on the whole thing, because those 10 industries include basically everyone but landscape gardeners and blue-collar workers. Blue-collar workers don’t have affairs? Or fall outside Victoria Milan’s demo? Uh huh.

And besides — this list invalidates itself by the absence of ‘chefs.’ Everyone knows what happens after all those all thoselate nights at the restaurant. 

Try again, folks.