Advice | June 13, 2016 9:00 am

Don’t Sweat Biking to Work. Literally. Here’s How.

Tips on staying fresh while cycling to the office this summer

The great big sauna in the sky otherwise known as summer is upon us.

And while biking to work has its benefits — cuts emissions, tones the bod and is far more enjoyable than sitting in traffic — it can occasion some serious perspiration issues come these warmer months.

So how do you stay fresh while biking to work? We’ve got answers.

Set sail at a little earlier
It’s cooler in the dawn hours, so head in a little earlier than usual. Traffic will also be lighter, making it a more leisurely ride. Bring a book or the newspaper and grab breakfast or coffee at a café by your office.

Take your time riding
Don’t rush it. If you’re looking for strenuous exercise, do it on the way home. Make that morning ride chill.

Wear shorts and a tee and change when you get to work
If you work in a formal office, bring a change of clothes. If you need to shower, join a gym nearby. On the gear front, Lexdray backpacks have great compartments, are very comfortable and the straps are designed not to leave sweat marks.

Bring a good set of toiletries
You’re going to sweat a little, so be sure to bring some travel deodorant and face wash. Ursa Major makes an all natural face wipe that’s a godsend. Don’t add cologne until after the ride. You’re going to sweat, but let it come off with a whore’s bath at the company bathroom.

Take a page out of a woman’s book re: helmet hair
Given that 99% of drivers are gazing at their phones instead of the road, you must wear a helmet. To avoid helmet-hair, consider wearing a bandanna under the lid. It’ll keep your hair in place. And dry. And don’t put any product on your mane until you get to the office.

Drink plenty of water
In the hotter months, it’s crucial that you drink more water. It’ll keep your skin healthy, your pH less stinky and your organs functioning properly. It also keeps you cool.