Action | September 14, 2016 5:00 am

Watch a Surfer Get Towed by a Drone

“Freefly Systems” is a good name for a company that deals with drone technology, no? The Seattle- and Los Angeles–based firm, which also has 10-plus years under its belt in the cinematography business, marries the two to create a particularly groundbreaking product: A drone they call the ALTA, which soars, dips, and cuts through the air as it shoots film-director quality video. (They just recently launched the ALTA 8. Check it out here.)

But we’re not here to talk technology or business. We’re just going to watch as a legit surfer dude shreds the surf while one of Freefly’s ALTA 8 drones tows him like an airborne powerboat. It falls directly under the “Why didn’t we think of this first?” category. Observe below.