Action | January 11, 2017 9:00 am

Gear Trails: Skyline to the Sea

Have you done this bucket list hike in our own backyard?

Usually, when people think California’s best bucket-list hike, they think long. 

John Muir

Lost Coast

And of course, Pacific Crest

We’d like to suggest a three-day hike with views just as good within a tank of gas: the Skyline-to-Sea

It’s around 30 miles — which makes it either a fast two-day or leisurely three-day hike. (Or a very fast one day.

Bonus: As the name suggests, you’re heading down to the beach — emphasis on the word down

On the way, you’ll pass around redwoods, across Big Basin, and through a coastal forest on your way to your destination: Waddell Beach

If you do plan to stop and smell the redwoods, don’t neglect booking your camping site. See here for a trip report with camping suggestions

Since you might be moving fast — what’s three days of natural splendor when you can pack it all into one? — we recommend thinking hard about your hydration. 

In this case, we suggest checking out the S.F.-based Mission Workshop’s Hauser Hydration Pack, made to incorporate three-liter water packs from your choice of brands (Camelbak, HydraPack, etc.) 

Don’t forget to take pictures.