Action | April 8, 2017 5:00 am

Pro Mountain Bikers Make Spine-Tingling Descent Into Underground Mine


Incredible footage shows pro-mountain bikers exploring an underground mine at full throttle.

Not a ride for the claustrophobic, 25-year-old Kilian Bron, captured his high-speed journey into pitch black caves at an old mining site in Luberon, France, on video.

Bron rode into the unknown with two of his friends—Olivier Cuvet, 23, and Maxime Peythieu, 23—who can be seen scaling cave walls and pausing for a sleeping bat in the video.

“Three years ago, I was shooting a video in this forest and just by chance we found this mine so recently we went back and decided to go in on our bikes,” Bron told Cater News. “Funnily enough, considering my full time job largely involves cycling down very steep surfaces, I suffer from vertigo but conveniently in this case, not from underground cave exploration.

—Caters News