Action | April 15, 2017 5:00 am

Daredevil Canyoneer Makes Death-Defying 196-Foot Cliff Jump Caught on Camera

Brazilian canyoneer Laso Schaller set a world record after nailing a 196-foot cliff jump down Switzerland’s Cascata del Salto waterfall.

Schaller and his team prepared for the stunt by building a high-dive platform and aerating the water at the bottom of the waterfall to soften his eventual landing. The jump proved to be from a greater height than Italy’s famed Tower of Pisa.

But that record came at a physical price for the intrepid adventurer.

Schaller’s plunge was captured on film by a helmet-mounted camera, and other cameras document both the speed he reached before hitting the water (76mph), and his whiffed landing; Schaller missed the softer, aerated water and hit the center of the pool, at which point he was dragged out by his teammates.

Watch the full video below.