Filson Is Giving You a Chance to Camp In a Vintage Fire Tower
By Reuben Brody / July 12, 2017 9:00 am

Wildfires are raging right now in Southern California, and though these tragic events are seasonal and getting worse, they aren’t new.

In fact, the largest wildfire in American history occurred in 1910, spanning three million acres from Washington to Idaho to Montana, in an area now called Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. Like many of the wildfires of today, this one was manmade (sparks from a train). It was so big that smoke could be seen from New York.

After the blaze was calmed, the National Forest Service built lookout towers to scout the terrain for future fires. And while today firefighters and the Forest Service use satellites and technology to locate fires, there are a handful of these lookout posts left, and many can be booked like a hotel room.

Heybrook Lookout Tower is among the remaining in Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, and is undergoing renovations courtesy of the heritage outdoors company Filson.

filson contest (4 images)

The Seattle-based outfitter has partnered with the National Forest Foundation and is holding a contest that’ll send three lucky folks to the top for a weekend getaway. The lucky winners will be the first to stay in the tower, which will be tricked out in Filson browns and hunter greens. And before they get there, they’ll stop in Filson’s HQ to get properly kitted for the trip.

Built in 1925, the tower was raised to 73 feet in 1964 and has 360-degree views of Mt. Persis, Mt. Baring and Mt. Index with its Bridal Falls. There are plenty of trails around the tower, including the 1.3 mile fern-covered covered hike to reach Heybrook.

All airfare, rental cars and accommodations are included, but act fast: the contest ends July 19th.