bannerman island
By The Editors / June 4, 2012 9:00 am

You usually have to travel to Europe to explore the blasted shambles of a castle, unless that castle’s of the White variety, in which case the blasted shambles might be you.

Reconnoiter a more acclaimed stronghold with Storm King Adventure Tours, now taking reservations for their guided kayak tours of the Bannerman Island ruins.

[callout] … explore the ruins of Bannerman Castle [/callout]

Storm King offers a slate of scheduled trips plus private tours for groups of four or more. The laid-back tours depart from Cornwall-on-Hudson and guide you to the shores of Bannerman Island, where you’ll take a hardhat tour of the tumbledown remnants of Bannerman Castle.

Built in 1901 by a military surplus privateer as an arsenal depot, the castle was ravaged by munitions explosions and mysterious fires before being abandoned in 1950.

Tours include a 45-minute paddle out and 90-minute walkabout and picnic.

They provide: kayak, paddle, safety gear, licensed guide and Castle Trust historian.

You provide: swimsuit, t-shirt, pack lunch.

A relaxing 30-minute paddle back and you’re done in time to hit Beacon or Cold Spring for dinner, though hopefully not the kind served in a Castle.