Barbershop Confidential: Mustafa Kacar

There’s only one place a man can share his secrets. Brought to you by Aveda.

By Kunal
May 18, 2016 9:00 am

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The barber has forever been the working man’s therapist.

Sounding board. Confidant. Steward of a safe haven where a fella can speak without fear of judgment. Doesn’t hurt that he also has the ability to help said fella look his handsomest.

So InsideHook and Aveda partnered with men’s lifestyle experts and invited them to get the latest cuts and share some secrets. The barber’s chair is a safe place, after all.

Revealed within: inner divas, questionable music preferences and at least one technicolor dye job. Not to mention a few tips and tricks on keeping those locks of yours not only stylish, but also thick, healthy, and you know, around for years to come.


Mustafa Kacar is the brains behind Astute Attire and sports one of our favorite signature styles: appropriate for the business world but boasting the sort of bold statement pieces and sartorial combos that get a guy noticed in the right way.

Same goes for his hairstyle — a throwback combed look updated with a little bit of extra length and a more streamlined silhouette.


STEP ONE: “Take out the weight”

Taking the volume down a tad with a cut like this keeps the shape looking well-fitted and clean — the styling remains the same, just slightly more streamlined.

STEP TWO: “Taper the sideburns down”

No need to go hacking them off, some sideburn length is fine — but taking the fullness away keeps things looking tight and crisp.

STEP THREE: “Where’s my natural part?”

Whether you’re doing it or the barber is, comb front to back (never brush, it’ll wreck your hair) and look for the natural part where your hair wants to separate. Then divide and conquer for a sculpted, styled and superbly groomed finish.






Custom photography by Mike Falco