Freediver Swims 60 Meters Underwater on One Breath

Alexey Molchanov's feat is caught on camera as he dives through Red Sea's famed Blue Hole.

July 3, 2017 5:00 am

The pressure on legendary freediver Alexey Molchanov if intense… literally.

Video has surfaced of Molochanov descending into the darkness of the ocean, swimming more than 60 meters underwater while simply holding his breath.

The dive is in the famous Blue Hole—a submarine sinkhole in the Red Sea—and was managed without the aid of flippers or oxygen.

Molchanov, who as an experienced freediver can hold his breath for up to eight minutes and thirty-three seconds, was harnessed to a wire which he used to guide himself through the inky darkness.

The remarkable footage was shot by Vital Bazarov and was taken during a training exercise in which the Russian freediver showed his students various breathing techniques.

Molchanovs world-record depth is 129 meters, a feat he completed in three minutes and 50 seconds.


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