What Positive Effects Spa Users Can See From Infrared Saunas

March 28, 2017 5:00 am

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No need to fantasize about science fiction becoming reality. It’s already here.

According to Bloomberg, infrared saunas have been materializing into luxury spas. Gwyneth Paltrow has consciously coupled with the trend, as has Selena Gomez.

Per Bloomberg, a number of boutiques infrared saunas have popped up in places like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

What exactly does that technology do to your body? Says the publication:

“The saunas work by using infrared wavelengths of light to heat the body itself, rather than heating the space around it. There are three wavelengths—short, medium, and far, with far being the most intense form: The heat vibrates water molecules in the body so much that they break down. The result, according to supporters, is a healthy release of toxins that you sweat out.”

Expect a lot of heat: Up to about 110-20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Per the article, infrared saunas also have a number of assumed benefits: muscle relaxation, pain relief, and even weight loss.

For more on infrared saunas, watch the video from PopSugar below.


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