A concessions worker holding a beer out to an NFL football fan who is holding their wallet open. We look at the priciest beer in the NFL.
Beer prices may vary.
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Which Pro Football Stadium Has the Priciest Beer in the NFL?

It's probably not where you think

Fans in Philadelphia who headed to Lincoln Financial Field to watch the Eagles take on the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night to close out Week 2 in the NFL were able to witness a breakout performance from third-year player Jalen Hurts as the young quarterback finished with three total touchdowns in a 24-7 win for the home team that really wasn’t all that close.

“Another outstanding performance. He threw some unbelievable balls. He made a lot of plays,” Eagles center Jason Kelce said of Hurts. “This was a really great, well-rounded game for him.”

While likely enjoying some cheesesteaks in addition to the performance by Hurts, Philly fans also had the privilege of enjoying the priciest beer in the NFL at an average cost of $14.67 per pint. At least that’s what a new study analyzing the costs of tickets, parking and concessions at NFL stadiums that was conducted by sports betting platform Bookies.com was able to determine.

In a related study also conducted by a sports betting platform, Sportshandle.com found that Eagles fans consume an average of 3.4 beers per game, which is actually substantially less than many fanbases. Fans of the Cincinnati Bengals, who had almost nothing to cheer about before the team made it to the Super Bowl last year, consume the most alcohol per game (5.2 drinks), followed by the Baltimore Ravens (4.7), Buffalo Bills (4.5), Chicago Bears (4.5) and Carolina Panthers (4.4).

To get an idea of how much damage that drinking is doing to fans’ wallets, here’s the full priciest beer in NFL list:

  1. Philadelphia Eagles $14.67
  2. Los Angeles Chargers $13.75
  3. Los Angeles Rams $13.75
  4. Las Vegas Raiders $12.00
  5. San Francisco 49ers $11.50
  6. New Orleans Saints $11.50
  7. Jacksonville Jaguars $11.50
  8. Miami Dolphins $11.00
  9. New York Giants $11.00
  10. Washington Commanders $11.00
  11. Tennessee Titans $10.50
  12. Seattle Seahawks $10.50
  13. Carolina Panthers $10.50
  14. Green Bay Packers $9.50
  15. Dallas Cowboys $9.50
  16. Pittsburgh Steelers $9.29
  17. Chicago Bears $8.80
  18. Buffalo Bills $8.80
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers $8.63
  20. Kansas City Chiefs $8.50
  21. New England Patriots $8.40
  22. Arizona Cardinals $8.13
  23. Cleveland Browns $8.13
  24. Baltimore Ravens $8.13
  25. Houston Texans $8.00
  26. Minnesota Vikings $8.00
  27. Indianapolis Colts $8.00
  28. Denver Broncos $7.50
  29. Cincinnati Bengals $6.59
  30. Detroit Lions $6.25
  31. Atlanta Falcons $6.25
  32. New York Jets $6.25

It’s worth noting that this list should likely be taken with a grain of salt because, in addition to sharing the designation of being New York teams that play all of their home games in New Jersey, the Giants and Jets also share the same home stadium. Therefore, it seems a bit fishy that a 16-ounce beer at a Giants game ($11) wouldn’t be the same price as a beer when the Jets ($6.25) are playing at home.


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