Q&A: Tom Brady Chats Watches, Personal Style and What to Wear With a Super Bowl Ring

How did Brady feel about becoming the fourth QB in NFL history to beat every team with a win over the Patriots in Week 4?

Tom Brady sports his Cloos x Brady Pacifica sunglasses.
Tom Brady sports his Cloos x Brady Pacifica sunglasses

Whether you love him, hate him or simply wish he’d retire so someone else might have a chance at winning the Super Bowl, Gisele Bündchen’s football-playing husband is undeniably a winner.

A seven-time Super Bowl winner who is currently favored to repeat as a champ in February with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 44-year-old Tom Brady is the odds-on favorite to win his fourth NFL MVP award after this season.

If neither of those things come to fruition, Brady can console himself by munching on a Subway sandwich in a rented Tesla from Hertz followed by a workout with his TB12 resistance bands. Or maybe by donning a pair of sunnies from Christopher Cloos, the Danish eyewear company No. 12 recently added to his endorsement roster.

Below, we chat with Brady about about that partnership, the influences behind his typically dapper sense of personal style, and the clothes that pair best with a Super Bowl ring.

InsideHook: Your Combine photo seems to circulate every year around draft time. How has your look changed since then and how has being married to Gisele affected your style?

Tom Brady: Alright, hang on. Let’s be clear about something here … I didn’t choose the clothes in that Combine picture. You guys really think that’s my go-to gear? Kidding aside, I really didn’t think of fashion much at that age. I think it’s something that has just naturally become of interest to me as I was exposed to more in the fashion industry over the years. It’s funny, Gisele always says I like clothes way more than she does. She has such great taste and an incredible eye for fashion in general, so of course she has impacted my style and overall fashion sense.

Is there a former or current teammate whose style you’ve tried to emulate or stayed away from?

That’s a great question. I certainly wouldn’t say I’m ever staying away from anyone’s style — you’ve got to do you! I love seeing how guys express themselves on travel days and walking into the stadium. That confidence boost you get from feeling good is a real thing.

So do you subscribe to the “Look good, feel good, play good” philosophy?

Absolutely. The right outfit can really boost your confidence. But I think more important than anything, is to just be confident in whatever you choose to wear. I dress for the occasion and enjoy experimenting with clothes off the field. In general, classic is the look I’m always going for. I’m trying to look as cool as possible, but I’m the oldest guy in the locker room, so I can’t risk turning into a meme or something on social media.

By beating the Patriots, you joined Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Brett Favre as just the fourth NFL quarterback in history to win against every team. Was that accomplishment important to you?

Those are great quarterbacks and guys I really admire and respect. I think the key word there is “win.” Winning is an accomplishment that is important to me. And when it comes down to it, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish any of this without the team. Football is a team sport and at this point in my career, seeing my teammates succeed and reach their goals is the most important thing to me and brings me the most joy. 

What’s the best way to pick out something to match with a Super Bowl ring? How about seven?

To be honest, the rings are just hanging out in a safe somewhere. They’re too heavy to wear anywhere. For accessories, I just go with nice pair of sunglasses and a quality watch, I honestly spend more time picking those two things out than the rest of my outfit. The Cloos x Brady Pacifica is a two-tone pair of sunglasses with steel reinforcing and gold temples. I wore those on our White House visit. For a watch, the IWC Timezoner Spitfire is typically what I wear on game day.

Do you have a process for picking the brands you align yourself with? And why did you choose Cloos?

For any partnership I enter, there needs to be an authentic connection with the brand and their leadership. Cloos’s CEO Julius Langkilde has a tremendous entrepreneurial spirit and partnering with an up-and-coming brand allowed for more creative input throughout the design process. My line with Christopher Cloos is a great reflection of what I enjoy — design, fashion, health and wellness. The blue light lenses have been a game-changer for me considering the number of hours I spend watching film and reading emails on my phone or iPad. It really adds up. Beyond all of that, the most important selling point when I was talking with Julius about our partnership was our shared commitment to the environment. I wanted to find a way to make eyewear more sustainable. One year after launching, not only is the Cloos x Brady line made from biodegradable materials, Christopher Cloos made a commitment to make every product across its full portfolio with the same materials and they achieved that goal. This amazing transformation is something that happened very quickly, and we are so proud of that. 

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