Skydiving Is Boring So This Guy Did It With a Jetpack

Rex Pemberton's "X-Wing" flight is beautiful, terrifying

August 4, 2016 9:00 am

Rex Pemberton has been skydiving and wingsuiting for about a decade.

Evidently, those activities get a little stale after awhile.

So Pemberton decided to adopt a new way to jump out of planes: with a jet-powered wing attached to his back.

The pack, called an X-wing, features a turbine jets on each wing. Behind that is the chute, and there was a risk that the configuration could have hindered its release. The other risk was that the jets would catch fire, or that only one would run, causing Pemberton to roll onto his back and spin out of control.

Add in a few G-forces and the fact that he’s got two Atlas Stones hanging between his legs, and it’s a wonder Pemberton was able to pull this off.

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