Holiday Fatigue? Try a Hidden Cabin Hike.

An off-the-grid weekend for two.

By The Editors
December 11, 2015 9:00 am

“Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers,” wrote Wordsworth.

And that was 200 years ago. Before there were even iPhones.

When you want to take a real break from the world — said getting and spending included — head to Marin’s West Point Inn, a backwoods boarding house only accessible by foot or bike. (Those with disabilities can make other arrangements.) 

So lace up.

If you’re looking for a tougher trek, find somewhere to leave your car in Stinson Beach, and take the Matt Davis all the way up to Pan Toll, and follow directions from below. 

Anyone who’s dedicated to a relaxing weekend, though, should begin by stashing the car at the Pan Toll Ranger Station.

Overnights permitted for eight bucks.

Pick up your trail across the Panoramic Highway.

You’ll then go 1.9 miles through Marin grasslands and copses of towering Douglas fir along the southern flank of Mt. Tam before reaching the Old Stage Fire Road, which takes you the rest of the way to the Inn.

It’s a mix of paved and dirt roads, plus some easy single-track.

Once at the Inn, you can shut off the rest of the world, climb under a quilt and stare out the picture windows until the world slows down.

There are still plenty of rooms available in December.


When you need it.


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