Watch the 8 Best Moments of GoPro’s Year in Review

Including a backwards bike flip off a mountain

By The Editors

Watch the 8 Best Moments of GoPro’s Year in Review
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29 December 2015

The best 2015 year in review (besides our own; check back tomorrow) arrives with skydiving, snowboarding and one massive bike race wipeout.

Thanks, GoPro.

The ubiquitous action sports cam’s annual Best Of video features an array of impossible stunts executed by GoPro users, some of the world’s most beautiful terrain and at least one marriage proposal while falling through the sky.

All shot on GoPro’s HERO4, the five minutes of footage here prove the camera’s versatility. And also what doesn’t necessarily work. Extreme sports work and underwater adventures? Yes. A  guy rapping in a cab or kitten-cam? Meh.

GoPro: Best of 2015 - The Year in Review4:55

Anyway, if you don’t have five minutes, here are our favorite moments:

Swimming in a literal vortex of marine life

Synchronized swimming meets slopestyle snowboarding

A selfie whilst shredding the backcountry

Trampoline + water

If you’re gonna wipe everyone else out in a bike race, at least catch it on film

Just your average lazy flying-suit-through-the-mountains kind of day

The skydive marriage proposal

A backflip on a bike off a mountain into the ocean. Because why not?

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