The Last Home Frank Lloyd Wright Ever Built Is Up for Grabs

Architect’s Guggenheim-esque desert home is on sale for $3.6m

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The Last Home Frank Lloyd Wright Ever Built Is Up for Grabs
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19 January 2016

Any man worth his weight in Saturday cartoons knows that wandering the desert for days on end can cause hallucinations — tropical oases, nubile women, large adobe homes, etc.

Unless you’re doing it outside of Phoenix, in which case you may just be staring at the 2,850-square-foot cylindrical Norman Lykes House, the last of the more than 1,100 buildings designed by acclaimed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, now on sale for $3.6 million.

Lloyd Wright, who strove to create architecture that was a “grace to the landscape instead of a disgrace,” died in 1959, and although he never got to visit the Lykes home, it has his distinctive fingerprints all over it. The three-bedroom, three-bathroom home’s exterior comprises a series of concentric stucco circles that blend seamlessly with the rocky hillside and scrubby dunes that surround it.

Completed in 1968 and then renovated in the ‘90s by Wright apprentice John Rattenbury, the Lykes home — like most FLW properties — also features furniture and furnishings built directly into the walls and foundations of the structure’s winding corridors.

No word on the nubile women, but if you’re living in this house, we like your odds.

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Norman Lykes House

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