Roush Rebuilds Mustangs. Meet Their Most Powerful to Date.

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By Shari Gab

Roush Rebuilds Mustangs. Meet Their Most Powerful to Date.
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19 June 2017

Chuck Klosterman wrote of Usain Bolt and the art of the sprint, “Once a record has been broken, it instantly becomes meaningless. Not even track historians use comparative times as a way to establish greatness. Easy example: Which of these men was the greatest sprinter — Jesse Owens (who won the 1936 Olympics with a time of 10.3), Carl Lewis (whose career best in the 100 was 9.86), or Leroy Burrell (who ran a 9.85)? Track and field is about running fast today. It’s a bottom-line endeavor.”

For the sake of this ride — and human nature — this concept holds true.

Because sure, maybe you have a Mustang GT, but after some time, wouldn’t you be tempted to have more? What once seemed powerful will soon become commonplace.

And for that dissonance, there’s Roush Performance.

Nearly a decade since their last release, the Detroit-based beyond-wrenchers have unveiled their 2017 P-51 Mustang. And according to Jack Roush, it is the “most powerful American pre-titled car ever built.”

roush (3 images)

They accomplished as much the same way anyone in this “gimme more” auto biz does — they supercharged it.

The Roush P-51 is packing a 5.0-liter V8 “Coyote” engine with a Roush 2.3-liter Eaton TVS supercharger translating into 727 ponies and 610 lb-ft of torque.

The whip comes with either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission with a belly full of upgrades like a three-way adjustable coil over suspension, 19-inch weld-forged wheels and, for the sake of layman’s terms, tires and an exhaust that can handle the load.

All in all, without the cost of the donor GT, the package will run one $42,500 including a 3-year and 36,000-mile warranty. If it’s just the ball-busting supercharger you’re after though, that sticker price is set at $7,799.99.

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