Wristwatch, or Tiniest Spaceship in All the Galaxies?

It took months to build, glows in the dark and even tells time

By Evan Bleier

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01 June 2017

When the master watch designers at Maximilian Büsser & Friends allowed a collector to see their new Horological Machine N°6 Alien Nation timepiece, they were hoping to entice him to buy just one.

Instead, he beamed all four of the $500,000 Alien Nation tickers up into his personal collection. And it’s easy to see why — even in the dark. With a 95-component case made from transparent sapphire crystal and grade-five titanium, along with a three-dimensional movement featuring a whopping 496 components (68 of which are jewels), the HM6 Alien Nation’s movement and curves are highlighted by strips of luminous material that are placed throughout the watch to give it a cosmic glow at night.

Alien Watch (5 images)

To add to the out-of-this-world theme, the watches house six white gold inhabitants — an alien captain and five crewmembers — scattered throughout the case, each of which took engraver Olivier Kuhn more than 34 hours to sculpt by hand. Take a good look,  you’ll see ‘em.

Colored in turquoise, green, purple and blue, the pieces in the Alien Nation collection are “intergalactic vessels piloted by a silvery-skinned captain and his quintet crew, enigmatic explorers ready to brave a new world,"  according to MB&F.

The truth is out there — you just have to find the man wearing this watch on his wrist.

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