This LEGO Plane Crash Was Shot on a $150,000 Camera and It's Stunning

Everything is awesome in slow motion

By The Editors

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17 August 2016

Despite the destruction, everything is awesome when a LEGO plane crashes into a LEGO city, especially if the entire thing is captured in slow motion by a $150,000 high-speed camera.

Need proof? Check out the clip the Slow Mo Guys, Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy, put on YouTube.

In order to simulate a jet crashing after an engine failure, the guys spent three hours building a LEGO city complete with multiple buildings and an air control tower located in the middle.

During their first attempt at the LEGO crash, Gruchy completely butchered throwing the plane and somehow managed to nearly miss the control tower from a distance of about two feet.

After a few hours of rebuilding the plane and fixing the limited damage Gruchy’s first throw had inflicted, Free let him chuck the plane again and the second toss, luckily for all, hit paydirt.

Then, to complete the crash scenario, the guys dumped gas on the model and lit it on fire so that it would explode, because, obviously, gas, fire and explosions pair nicely with slow motion.

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