The World's Most Impractical Car Is Back in Production

But why?

By Evan Bleier

The World's Most Impractical Car Is Back in Production
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12 May 2017

In 1992, Arnold Schwarzenegger — who had become infatuated with the military version of the SUV while filming Kindergarten Cop — took possession of the first civilian Hummer, the H1.

Fourteen years later, after putting more than 12,000 of ‘em on the road, General Motors ceased production of the 10-miles-to-the-gallon beasts, making many, including the Governator, glum.

They can now turn those frowns upside down thanks to Michigan-based firms Humvee Export and VLF Automotive, who are putting Detroit-made versions of the H1 back on the road — in China. (The Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act disqualifies it in the U.S.)

Hummer H1 (5 images)

Officially dubbed the Humvee C-Series because of naming rights, the new H1s are basically carbon copies of the classic gas guzzlers, except they’re now offered in three levels of luxury trim — Bravo, Charlie and Delta — and have engine choices that include a 6.5-liter diesel V8 and an LS3 6.2-liter gas V8.

“There’s a niche market,” Humvee Export president John Costin told Motor Authority. “There are people who want to have the most fun at 5 or 6 miles per hour.”

If you’re interested and your passport is in working order, learn more about the C-Series here.

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