Can Any Other Electric Hypercar Top 'Demented Acceleration'?

800 horsepower sounds like a lot of fun, trouble

By Shari Gab

Can Any Other Electric Hypercar Top 'Demented Acceleration'?
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02 June 2017

Only time will tell who'll be able to handle the forthcoming Dubuc Tomahawk EV. 

The all-electric supercar — first announced by Quebec's Dubuc Motors in 2014 — is finally ready for production next year, and by specs alone, this thing is going to be beastly. 

How beastly? 800 horsepower along with a rubber-burning 1,000 pound-feet of torque that can hit 60 in two seconds. Appropriately, it's referred to as "demented acceleration," by Dubuc Motors co-founder Mike Kakogiannakis.

This is all thanks four electric motors as well a  50/50 front-to-rear weight distribution and adjustable air suspension. The supercharged Tomahawk runs on a 100-kWh lithium-ion battery with a range of 370 miles courtesy of the car’s carbon and aluminum featherweight build.

Inside it’s just as impressive with a touchscreen navigation with mobile connectivity, hands-free controls and a  live, 360-degree camera, collision avoidance and an automatic emergency brake system. No price has been announced yet, but you can bet it'll be as steep as it is speedy. 

It should be noted that the two-second mark is only achievable in Race Mode. In Street Mode, the Tomahawk breeches 60 in four seconds.

Either way, there’s no way of telling right now how she'll handle.

But we're looking forward to watch intrepid drivers give it a shot.

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