Elon Musk Explains Why Tesla Exists, in Five Tweets

Long story short: Big Auto bad. Tesla good.

By Kirk Miller

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09 June 2017

When you’re not getting time-sucked into the 101 canonical tweets of all-time (#30 is all you need to know), remember that the social-media platform occasionally serves a greater purpose.

Such as finding out how Tesla started. From the mouth — well, fingertips — of Elon Musk himself.

The Tesla CEO used five succinct tweets (and a few follow-up answers to reader inquiries) very early this morning (earlier than usual) to explain the origin and success of the electric car company.

TL;DR: Big Auto tried to destroy the electric industry from within, Musk saw an opening from the outside, started a company and then ate their lunch. Of course, in the years since, all of the big auto companies have climbed back aboard the battery-powered bangwagon, which Musk was quick to point out in a response to a follower:

Believe that's commonly referred to as a mic drop.

h/t Inc

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