'BMW Scooter' Is Now a Thing You Can Say With a Straight Face

It's not your dream car. But it's ... close?

By Shari Gab

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30 May 2017

When BMW announces a new model, we tend to listen. When a new scooter hits the maket, we tend not to. So color us squarely on the fence with this one.

The new Concept Link from BMW Motorrad is a horse of a different color for the German marque. An entirely electric ride, the Link is a height-adjustable scooter that comes with loads of storage space courtesy of a side compartment hidden behind a sliding panel.

Concept Link (8 images)

Stylistically, it’s very TRON. Technically, it's also very TRON. The Concept Link is a connected e-scooter capable of knowing “what’s in the rider’s calendar and therefore his next destinations.” This means that the moto can plan ahead with the quickest route or the most scenic should the occasion call for it. It'll even select atmospherically appropriate music for the occasion.  

There’s no traditional instrument panel here. Rather, the rider receives all necessary intel — speed, navigation, range — from a head-up display on the windshield. And the handlebars contain programmable buttons to set frequently used functions, just like the hot keys you can assign to a computer keyboard. The Concept Link announcement also included a line of connected clothing that can be similarly programmed; the jacket looks cool enough — but it would look better in black.

Like the mind-bending Vision NEXT 100, the Concept Link unfortunately does not have imminent plans for production.

If you have fingers, now would be a good time to cross them.

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