File Autodromo's New Watch Under Great Moments in Ford GT History

Race fans, this one's for you

By Kirk Miller

Ford GT Autodromo
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17 November 2017

How far are you willing to go for a cool watch?

How about buying a car?

In conjunction with the release of the new Ford GT, New York-based watch company Autodromo just teamed up with Ford to create two officially sanctioned auto-inspired timepieces.

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The first one is available for general watch enthusiasts and car fans of any stripe. Autodromo’s Ford GT Endurance Chronograph is a racing timepiece inspired by the company’s storied history at Le Mans, which started in 1966. The five different colorways feature dials and details closely associated with classic Ford racers — such as the 40mm Heritage 67, which takes its cue from the 1967 Le Mans winning car combined with the number 1 roundel seen on the 2017 Ford GT Heritage car.

Pre-orders from the Endurance line are available now ($695), with shipping in December.

But true GT aficionados have the opportunity to pair their new car with an Owner’s Edition Chronograph, a customizable timepiece where you can pair your car and watch, down to a serial number that matches the car’s chassis number. Featuring a Swiss Flyback chronograph movement, multi-layered sapphire crystal dial and ceramic case, the Owner’s Edition is only available via a private site for new GT owners.

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