Ethan and Maya Hawke to Star in Movie About a Teen Trying to Lose Her Virginity to George Harrison

"Revolver" is coming soon from director Andrew Stanton

2018 Film Independent Spirit Awards
Actors Ethan Hawke and Maya Hawke attend the 2018 Film Independent Spirit Awards on March 3, 2018 in Santa Monica, California.

In 1966, The Beatles paid a visit to Anchorage, Alaska. It wasn’t for a stop on a tour, though; instead, the group was en route to Japan when a typhoon prompted their flight to make an unscheduled stop. The band’s unexpected visit became the stuff of local legend, and provided a thrilling moment for hundreds of local Beatles fans who caught sight of the members of the group.

Now, that odd piece of musical history is set to serve as the backdrop for a new movie, titled Revolver. At the center of the film is a teenager named Jane with a very particular goal: lose her virginity to George Harrison. Jane lives in Alaska in 1966; the Beatles are in Alaska in 1966 — you can probably tell where this is all going.

Taking this unlikely yarn to the big screen is a talented group of filmmakers, including director Andrew Stanton, whose previous credits include WALL-E and John Carter. Playing Jane will be Maya Hawke; playing Jane’s father will be Ethan Hawke. As Stereogum’s Chris DeVille notes, “So Ethan is acting in a movie about his daughter’s quest to sleep with a Beatle.” When you phrase it like that, it does sound a bit awkward, yes.

Still, there’s a long history of intriguing Beatles-adjacent movies out in the world, and both Hawkes are talented actors — so this one could be an interesting foray into a previously-obscure chapter in musical history.

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