LA’s Dream Living Is the Ultimate Bespoke Travel Agency

You officially know a guy. A travel guy.

January 22, 2018 9:00 am

The internet has made booking your own trips dead simple.

But with a profusion of information comes the ability to screw things up. Royally.

Enter  Dream Livinga new L.A.-based bespoke travel company that specializes in creating wildly memorable vacations for groups of friends, soup to nuts.

“When it comes to travel, there’s just too much information out there, which can take away from the adventure” says founder Mike French. “There is a delicate balance when trying to create something novel yet authentic. I try not to hijack spontaneity on my trips — over-programming is a pitfall for many operators.”

French, who also runs the Pioneertown Motel, designs trips that allow groups of friends to sail around Corsica and Sardinia with an onboard DJ, or book accommodations in a 400-year-old, 2,600-square-foot estate in the Old City of Cartagena.

His trips also tend toward impact tourism is also unique — for instance, the group that went to Cartagena built homes in underprivileged communities and raised $30,000, culminating in a closing ceremony with the local indigenous population followed by a beach dance party with Colombia’s most revered deep house band, MNKYBSNSS.

“I’m seeing a whole new category of curated group travel, built on connection, community and culture,” says French.

Doing good truly is feeling good.


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