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A Gent's Guide To Navigating Los Angeles In Style

By Kunal
April 14, 2017 9:00 am

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A moderate, 3.5 mile hike through the Santa Monica Mountains, Mandeville’s summit was one of several elevated positions around Los Angeles used as missile defense sites in the 1950s to detect and intercept Russian missiles and aircraft directed at the city. Still dotting the property: the original signage, including one with the Khrushchev quote “We will bury you.” The observation tower, which you can climb, overlooks the San Fernando Valley and the Encino reservoir.

Aside from the above points of interest, Mandeville boasts several other key draws:

  • The Crowds — As in, there just … aren’t any. Not only is Mandeville free from your typical overwhelming crush of Los Angeles “fitness” denizens, but you’ll also be shocked to find, upon your arrival, hassle-free parking. Will the wonders never cease?
  • The Workout Variety — Regardless of how much time (or willingness to sweat) you’ve got, Mandeville’s got you covered with a variety of trail loops of differing lengths and elevation changes. Meander where you will, the views are incredible. Marine layer? You’ve got a bird’s-eye view. No marine layer? All the way to the Pacific.
  • The Lack of Signal — No cell signal might seem a hassle at first, but when you’re out with the sun on your face and truly enjoying those aforementioned views rather than Instagramming them, you’ll be thankful.

A few tips from Reuben Brody, Los Angeles editor of InsideHook and avid hiking enthusiast, on enjoying Mandeville properly:

“Whether you’re spitting rocks on a mountain bike or hiking the winding trails, go prepared. Bring plenty of water, sun protection and a handy trail map — no service, after all. And exerting that much effort definitely deserves a reward in the form of some tasty BBQ — Holy Cow is nearby and slow cooks their ribs and pulled pork to lip-smacking perfection.”