The One Good Thing About Global Warming...

Tees, sunnies and SoCal’s best beach blanket

By The Editors

The One Good Thing About Global Warming...
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24 February 2016

Two things are happening right now that warrant a beach day:

First, it’s Oscar season and the area around Hollywood Boulevard will be backed up like a … well, use your imagination.

Second, it’s north of 80 degrees in motherlovin’ February, man. Try to forget for a moment what that means for the future of the planet and consider that most of this country is bereft of the pristine beaches one needs to truly enjoy weather this unseasonable.

So pack up your jalopy and head west.

Here’s your packing list.

Alex Mill
Alex Mill makes tee shirts in L.A. with jersey cotton to give them that perfect lazy Sunday weight. And the fabrics are dyed and distressed for a faded, smoky look.  

Life After Denim

It may be hot outside, but the Pacific is still wetsuit-worthy. Probably not gonna swim. But it would be nice to put some bronze on those stems. Life After Denim makes cotton shorts that pair well with the tees above and show a nice spot of leg.

SALT Sunglasses

SALT designs its premium shades here in L.A., but has them made by Japanese craftsmen who are to eyewear what the Swiss are to watches. The handsome three-piece Ridgeway is our pick of the bunch from their new spring styles.


We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating because there are so many offenders roaming these streets: a man should never wear flip-flops in a public place that doesn’t involve the word “beach” or “swimming pool.” But every man should own a pair of Sabahs. It’s a Turkish slipper that never gets stinky and keeps you out of schlub territory.

Almond + Woolrich

There are beach blankets and there are beach towels. Too often the two are conflated. The towel is used to dry off. The blanket is used for repose. This handsome number from Almond Surf and heritage icon Woolrich is the latter, and features a nice zipper pocket sewn into washable wool.

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