Bespoke Duds, Off-the-Rack Prices

Drop your skivvies and step into the scanner, sir.

By The Editors

Bespoke Clothes, Off-the-Rack Prices
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25 November 2015

Good news: You are all special, unique snowflakes, no matter what Chuck Palahniuk says.

Bad news: Off-the-rack clothes still don’t fit you.

In all likelihood, one of your limbs is longer or bigger than the other. Your shoulder width may require a large while your body length requires a medium. Maybe you are endowed with an especially fulsome derrière.

Since finding the perfect fit is a challenge and buying everything bespoke is hell on the wallet, visit Acustom Apparel, a new retailer on Melrose that does high-end bespoke at off-the rack prices using a 3D scanner.

Visit their shop. They'll escort you to a private room glass of whiskey in hand, remove your trousers (er, ask you to) and then take a full scan your body some two million data points in the making.

Crunch crunch go the numbers, and presto, your threads are sewn with fabric from high-end names like Zegna, Holland and Sherry for suits or Cone Mills for raw denim. They do suits, button-downs, tuxedos and even T-shirts.

Isn’t that special?

The Specifics

Acustom Apparel

8473 Melrose Pl


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