The World’s Sexiest Sailing Vessel Is Made From a ‘Miracle Material’

Ain't she a beaut?

Although it’s only been around for a little bit more than a decade, graphene has already shown up in a number of technologies ranging from fuel-efficient cars to batteries.  

Now the “miracle material,” which won its discoverers the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics, has surfaced in what might be its ultimate application: one of the most beautiful yachts ever designed.

Conceived by Serbian designer Igor Jankovic, the Grafito concept yacht harnesses the unique benefits of the world’s thinnest material.

So what are some of the those benefits?

Graphene — despite being 200 times stronger than steel, incredibly flexible and immune to corrosion — is light enough to float virtually forever and smooth enough to reduce the drag by up to 50%, therefore making the watercraft faster, sleeker and easier to navigate through the water.

As for the inside, Jankovic’s renderings of the ship’s interior resemble a high-end floating mancave (or she-shed?). According to the Belgrade-based designer, the Grafito sticks to the “form follows function” principle and represents his attempt to “make meaningful forms of a meaningful product.”

Mission accomplished.

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